Food Allergy Notice

Food Allergy Notice
Posted on 01/23/2018
Food Allergy Notice



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January 23, 2018

Parents/Guardians and Students:

One in 13 children have known food allergies. In addition, approximately 20-25% of epinephrine administrations in schools are to those whose allergy was unknown at the time of the reaction. Because of the life-threatening nature of severe allergies and the increasing prevalence, it is critical that we heighten our awareness to the needs of those with allergies.

Signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction may include one or more of the following:

Think “FAST 

Face   Airway   Stomach   Total Body 
Difficulty breathing 
Difficulty swallowing 
Sense of doom 
Loss of consciousness 


Treatment of an anaphylactic reaction is as follows:

1. INJECT EPINEPHRINE IMMEDIATELY. Undesignated Epi-pens are located in the nurse's office or front office of each building in a yellow box.

2. Call 911.

3. Consider giving antihistamine (Benadryl) or inhaler (bronchodilator) if wheezing.

4. Lay the person flat, raise legs and keep warm. If difficulty breathing or vomiting, let them sit up or lie on their side.

5. If symptoms do not improve, or symptoms return, more doses of epinephrine can be given about 5 minutes or more after the last dose.

6. Alert emergency contacts.

7. Transport patient to ER, even if symptoms resolve. Patient should remain in ER for at least 4 hours because symptoms may return.

Please take the time to review the emergency action plans for your students and ensure the emergency medications are at school. If someone close to you has a known allergy, please attempt to avoid those allergens and know where they keep their emergency medications. I strongly encourage you to check with your school's nurse prior to any snacks in the classroom. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible and ask for your assistance to be prepared to readily respond in emergency situations along with our staff.

Courtney Knuth, RN, BSN

Health Services Coordinator

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